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Alix Aesthetics and Areolas

Hi! I’m Jenna Alix! I’ve been a licensed esthetician since 2017 and started with facials and lashing. I learned permanent makeup through an internship in San Diego in 2019 and have been doing it since! I dove into paramedical tattooing throughout the years and fell in love with 3D realism areola tattoos. In my free time I love spending time with my 2 girls, practicing lagree and watching trash tv. I’m glad you’re here and I can’t wait to meet you!

Skin & Bare It

Cynthia’s journey began in the halls of medicine and led her to a profound calling to support and empower individuals in a unique way. With a background in healthcare, Cynthia’s passion for healing and aiding others transitioned seamlessly into the realm of paramedical tattooing.

With compassion and understanding, she possesses a deep empathy for the women in her community and strives to support them in any way she can. She creates safe spaces for men and women to share their experiences, providing comfort and guidance.

Cynthia’s dedication to uplifting and empowering the people around her is unwavering. Her kindness knows no bounds, and her efforts leave a lasting impact on the lives of those she touches.

Recognizing the transformative potential of this art form, she embarked on a mission to provide a beacon of hope and restoration for both men and women facing various physical challenges.

Incantare Aesthetics

Hi everyone! My name is Rosie ,the face behind Incantare Aesthetics. I have always been captivated by all things beauty and wellness. I studied Art and Fashion and i have Bachelors degree in Sculpture and Art. I am Bulgarian ,but the USA has been my home for the past 14 years . My desire to help people led me to the restaurant service industry,where i was blessed to learn what excellent customer service means. I have been lucky enough to work for one of the-best 5 star hotels and restaurants all around the world .In 2020,my son inspired me to pursue my dream to become an Aesthetician. After 3 years of schooling and advanced training, I am proud to announce that i am licensed certified laser technichan,(by Nima Institute ,advanced Aesthetician and the grand opening of my beauty center. INCANTARE AESTHETICS!
My true passion focuses on advanced customized clinical facials,hydro dermabrasion,micro and nano needling, advanced exfoliations with chemical peels and LED therapies .You are as unique as your skin and should be treated that way!
My priority is creating a safe and comfortable environment .
My passion is treating skin. I will continue to seek the next innovative treatments and incorporate them into my customers protocols.